Non-Scottish students marching to the Parliament

by Boyana Atanasova

Students from University of Edinburgh have started an Anti Cuts Coalition as a result of the decision of the university to increase the tuition fees for all non-Scottish students (from the UK) to the highest possible levels of 9000 pounds per year, starting from 2012.

The move became possible after English universities got the go-ahead to charge up to £9,000 for tuition.

The students’ answer to these decisions are demonstrations in several institutions. They are planning to expand their actions with a major event planned for the end of November: “We are calling for a national demo at Holyrood on Tuesday 30th November. This will coincide with the tuition fees parliamentary debate in Westminster. Our plan is to meet at Bristo Square at 11:30, from where we will march to Holyrood and stage a rally outside parliament. We call on students and staff from all educational establishments, for trade unions and any coalitions or individuals who want to stand against the devastating cuts to higher education and public services to join us”, stated a message from the Anti Cuts Coalition.

The students believe that these cuts will have a huge negative effect on the next generations and will affect people from the less privileged backgrounds, which will result in broadening the gap between rich and poor.

“We’ve planned multiple wild cat 36 hour occupations in Edinburgh, Glasgow and St Andrews aimed at maximum disruption of management and not teaching”, added a member of the Coalition.

University of Edinburgh is one of the four universities in Scotland that recently made the decision to increase their fees. Edinburgh Napier University still does not have any position on this topic and the Napier Student Association did not give its opinion on the demands of the students from the affected universities.