Arthur’s Seat Brought to Life During Next Festival

by Silvia Montes

As part of the 2012 Festival, Edinburgh’s iconic hill, Arthur’s Seat,
will be spectacularly transformed by NVA’s Scottish arts charity and its “Speed of Light” project.

“Speed of light” is a national programme of physical and cultural activity. Runners will wear specially designed self powered light suits, animating the hillside with trails of patterned light.

The idea came from the NVA’s Creative Director, Angus Farquhar, as he explained “I am a pretty committed runner and I am interested in ‘intentional movement’ as a way of understanding our place in the world, so it was only a matter of time before I put the two together”.

Up to 5,000 on-form runners will have the chance of a lifetime to run a choreographed route around the paths of Arthur’s Seat at night in specially constructed self-powered light-suits. As the NVA’s Creative Director said “our work is completed by the runners and walkers. There is no Speed of Light without that total participation”. He also confirmed that NVA’S will be also involved in the running “I will certainly run on some nights but I can not do the whole thing as I have to direct from the hillside in the build up, there are quite a few runners in NVA and hopefully they will put a training push in to take part next year!”

During the event, “Speed of Light” will also investigate why people run, though an exploration of the power of the mind in overcoming physical exhaustion.

The project will bring communities together from all over Scotland to celebrate sport and culture, connecting them directly to the aspirations of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.