Edinburgh Christmas Market is getting ready

by Silvia Montes

From last Wednesday 9th November, East Princes Street Gardens are being prepared for the Christmas time.
Works will last until next Thursday when the Edinburgh Christmas market will open its doors at 10am.

Recognised as one of the best cities in the UK to spend Christmas, Edinburgh comes to life in the winter with six weeks of festive celebration. From the stunning Big Wheel to the traditional German market, Edinburgh streets will come alive with an incredible and bustling atmosphere.

As David Goodwill, the site manager confirmed “this year it will be 15 stalls on the German market and 16 on the Highland one. Moreover, once again it will have the usual attractions: the funfair, including the big-wheel next to the Scott Monument, bubblepoods, bungy snowdome and the ice rink”.

Likewise every year Edinburgh Christmas market will be selling many different things: from food and drinks to woollen clothes and typical Christmas objects.

The site manager also explained “the stalls are not allowed to serve alcohol unless they get a licence from the Edinburgh Council”. We assume that German stalls would have got it once again and we will be able to enjoy their warm and delicious mulled wine. Furthermore, there will also be Scottish whisky around the Highland market.

Every stall has a five-year contract with the Edinburgh Council, which it will finish at the end of this Christmas market. However, David Goodwill predicts “the essence will be the same during the following years. Although some stalls will not extend this contract the organisation will not probably change”.

The Christmas market will last until the 4th of January. Nevertheless, the German market will just be opened until the 24th of December.

People love Edinburgh Christmas market and it is almost here. Next week everyone will be able to enjoy it!