How a boy I didn’t know helped me choose to become an organ donor

The sticker on the back of Sarah's license lets people know her status as an organ donor.

Sarah Turnbull reflects on her decision to become an organ donor:

“I joined the organ donor register a few years ago but I understand how people can have doubts.

At first I didn’t like the idea. I feared the doctors wouldn’t try as hard if they knew I was part of the organ register; a fear I no longer have after assurances that the doctors wouldn’t ever give up on a patient if they were struggling for their life.

My next concern was my heart. I didn’t like the idea of somebody else having it. They could have anything else, just not my heart.

I know I won’t need it after I’m dead but there was something about the idea of being buried in the ground without a heart that I didn’t like.

But then I read a news story about a seriously ill ten-year-old boy signing up for the donor register. He had a fatal illness and there was no cure. A couple of days later he died and his organs and skin were donated. That one little boy saved 30 people.

That story changed my views. I no longer have any problems with signing the organ donor register. Now I know after I die someone else could be given a new life.”