Merchiston students set up shop

Students gather around stalls in Merchiston foyer trying to sell their products to others.

Merchiston campus has been transformed into a retail haven by 3rd year graphic design students this week.

The class project called for students to create a group of original market stalls that were cost effective to run and turned over a profit.

The overarching theme of the project is ‘a market environment’ where students aim to develop a better understanding of what products consumers are most interested in. The individual stalls reflect rooms in student residences, with designs including a sweets room, a ‘lads pad’ and a printed media stall.

The budding entrepreneurs received no money from the university to fund their project and instead relied on the generosity of their fellow students to provide their wares for sale.

The range of gifts available include bags, coasters, sweets and ceramics as well as work and illustrations from students of Glasgow and Edinburgh schools of art.

The stalls will be up and running until closing time today to provide inspiration and temptation for any early Christmas shoppers in the Morningside area.