The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson

A celebration of the life and work of Robert Louis Stevenson kicked off in Edinburgh today.

A literary trail of quotes were written on the ground in various locations connected to the Edinburgh born novelist for admirers of his work to follow. Copies of two of his most iconic books, ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ were also laid out for any lucky passer by to take home. The festival continues tonight at the City Arts Centre where actor Nigel Planner and writer Ian Rankin will pay tribute to one of Edinburgh’s treasured writers.

My quest for Robert Louis Stevenson began on a driech day at the top of Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
Down the Royal Mile to the Heart of Midlothian and I came upon my first Stevenson quotes. No books yet, my journey continues.
Jackpot! Outside the Story Telling Centre was my second quote and my first free (but rather soggy) copy of Kidnapped..
Winding my way down to Edinburgh's Historic Grass Market my quest ended when I came upon some more wise words from Stevenson and more books!

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