Edinburgh Council is urgently looking for more foster carers

By Silvia Montes

Listen Here:

The City Of Edinburgh Council is launching a campaign to recruit more fosters as the number of children in care across Scotland is the highest since 1981.

Edinburgh Council is aiming to recruit around 30 new foster carers this year and it has organised five events across the city in order to achieve this goal. The events will be running from the 16th March to the 26th April and they will  offer an opportunity to interested people to get informed about it. Throughout an informal chat they will meet fosters and social workers and they will receive all the information related with fostering.

As the Council claims everyone can be a good foster, the only requirement is provide children with safe and caring homes. A stable environment will help children to increase their confidence and it will help them towards their future.

There are many kind of fosters needed as the children needs vary from ones to others. The age of the children goes from birth to 18 and the fostering can be held for different periods: from days to months or even for the whole childhood of the child.

For more information visit http://egfl.net/fostering/index.html

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