Edinburgh University may see a 24-hour library

A campaign will be launched during the Students Association elections at the end of March for the main library building on George Square to be open 24 hours a day.

The Student Council has already managed to extend the opening hours to 2:30am, and have previously argued for a 24-hour policy. Members of EUSA will now add their voice to the campaign, which is also keen to see other areas of the University, such as the Chrystal Macmillan building, extend their opening hours.

A spokesman for EUSA was able to confirm that this was a definite aim of the Students Association, but was unable to provide any further information.

However, concerns have been raised over the safety of students leaving the building in the early hours of the morning. This has already presented a problem with the Library’s current closing time, and could be exacerbated with a further extension, as students would be leaving in smaller groups throughout the night.

The EUSA has already implemented a ‘walking bus’ scheme, and there are potential plans to install more security guards around the campus.

Other sections of the University have expressed concerns over the increased energy consumption that a 24-hour library would generate.