A special day for a special mother

On Sunday mothers across the country will be receiving gifts from their children. But where did this special day come from?



Mother’s day has it its origins deep in history, falling on the middle Sunday of Lent, the Christian time of fasting.it has been celebrated on this day since the 16th century.This day was chosen  because the fasting rules were relaxed, due to the biblical story of feeding the five thousand.

It is believed the celebration is influenced by the Roman Spring Festival of  Cybele, the Mother Goddess.The date for this was chosen by Christians as the religion spread.

400 years ago, this was the day when people visited their mother church, it was said they had gone ‘a mothering’.This was the largest church in the area, and where they had been baptised.


Click on this link for Simnel cake, a traditional British cake with young servants baked and took home to their mothers on this day, the only day of the year they were allowed to visit their families.

This may be a special present to bake this year to show your mother how much you love her and make her feel special with something personal