Scottish Tory Conference – Top 10 pick of the tweets

Image source: @ScotTories

@James_Reekie1 Great to see what Conservative councillors are doing in the Borders and South Ayrshire #scup12

@evagroeneveld Great to hear SAyrshire Councillor ’embracing the green agenda’ at #scup12. Let’s now go beyond just recycling.

@holyroodkate Lamont: Conservatives want to give power to the people to run their communities #scup12

@labourpress Cameron praising Budget which gives £40,000 tax cut to millionaires by hitting pensioners #scup12

@andywightman Why is #scup12 slogan “A Strong Scotland in a Strong Britain”? I thought we were part of the UK?

@tomwfreeman Chicken Run is a remake of the Great Escape. The Chickens are fleeing persecution. Did you think that one through, Dave? #scup12 #Cameron

@ToryHoose @John2Win “power should rest in the hands of the people that matter most, the people” #scup12

@scottishpol #scup12 McLetchie: the Scotland Bill does not hv to be a line in the sand. Another knock for Ruth Davidson’s position

@ericthefishking Oh come on, you took away their chairs! RT @ScotTories: A standing ovation for the PM in Troon. #scup12

@holyroodkate Lamont: every voter should know that a vote for the SNP is a vote for independence #scup12


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