St Andrews’ men’s club decides to admit women

St Salvator's Quad

By: Gavrielle Kirk-Cohen

The St Andrews University’s  Kate Kennedy club has finally voted to allow women to join.

The society which was founded in 1926, held a meeting earlier this week in which they agreed to change the policy. A formal motion was passed allowing all first year students to apply to the Kate Kennedy Club, regardless of gender.

The change has come about after two members left the club and formed their own group, the Kate Kennedy Fellowship, which admits women. In 2009 St Andrews University withdrew all support for the club after the first female Principal, Professor Louise Richardson said: “The official endorsement of any club or society which excludes people because of their gender or race would be completely at odds with the values of this University.” 

The club is well known for it’s annual spring procession through the town, and in a statement released by the Principal and club committee, they say that the Kate Kennedy Procession “will remain at the heart of the club.”  This year’s procession will take place on the 14th April. Principal Louise Richardson says: “The annual Kate Kennedy Procession is an important event for the local community and we look forward to seeing the involvement of our entire community in this year’s event.”

The society which has been a men’s only club for 86 years will start accepting applications from first year students, both male and female, in the upcoming academic year.