Scottish Water forms deal with Poland

Scottish Water International has just announced that they are going into a partnership with Polish engineering firm ECM Group Polska.

The partneship agreement is going to be announced today, 30 March, during a conference of polish water companies in Brzeg.  Scottish Water and ECM Group Polska will be combining their expertise in water industry asset management allowing them to offer valauble services to Polish water companies.  In a statement released by Scottish Water, Nigel Ayton Managing Director of Scottish Water International, said: “This is an exciting oppurtunity for Scottish Water International and ECM Group Polska. Our combined expertise and experience complement each other well and the service we can offer to water companies in Poland is extremely valuable.”

Poland has about 700 water utility companies. They are owned by the municipalities after a restructuring in the 1990’s resulted in the state relinquishing its control over water and wastewater facilities.

Piotr Pazdan, Director of International Business Development for ECM Group Polska, said: “There has been significant investment in the infrastructure in Poland since its accession to the EU. By co-operating with Scottish Water International, we can provide exactly the expertise that is needed to help utilities assess how to ensure the best service within the funding that is available to them. We have chosen Scottish Water International as our partners because we have seen the improvements that they have made in Scotland to service and efficiency.”