Media Mondays – The Rangers Story

By Alexander Neal, Lauren Elliott  and Lisa Mitchell.

BBJbqtzCcAEOLdpListen to Alex Thomson (Channel 4 News) and Mark Daly (BBC Scotland) discuss the origins of the problems Rangers faced and how the situation at present with regard to the saga. A detailed and extended talk from the pair, who provided witty insight and analysis of the events that led to the current scenario, as well as answering questions pitched by audience members.

This chronological account provides a good reference point for anyone interested in the story, and how it was covered in various forms of media. The pair discuss how they covered the story, on top of talking about how other agencies covered it and why.

This was a popular talk, with both men exploring in depth the issues surrounding possibly the biggest sports story to come from Scotland.

Listen Here:

23 thoughts on “Media Mondays – The Rangers Story”

  1. Very refreshing insight both of you to the goings on in Scottish journalism this last wee while.

  2. Oh dear. A person that puts his name on a book that was written by a well known biggot, and a guy that made a BBC documentary on complete lies. Couple of ________

  3. Methinks John Hardie is upset his team have been well and truly caught cheating, dumped in the 3rd Division and is in denial…and is balking tollocks

  4. I feel that Newco followers are in denial and if you don’t agree with their point of view, they threaten whoever that person or people are. To call anyone a bigot, note the correct spelling, when the old Rangers never knowingly signed a Roman Catholic for over 120 years, is staggering and the disgraceful sectarian abuse of prominent Scottish Roman Catholics allied with the threats to the Celtic manager Neil Lennon, I feel tells the true story. There are Roman Catholic Schools in Holland, Germany, South Africa, France, America and many more countries with little or no sectarian abuse, unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland where the abuse of Roman Catholics is accepted by the government and the Scottish Press. Sammy Carson.

  5. rangers were dumped in the 3rd Division due to a presumption of guilt that never transpired, these two did more than most to perpetuate that presumption.

    you’d of thought them apologetic.

    but no, they are still dining out on perpetuaing the same presumption of guilt.

    no shame. no integrity.

  6. John Hardie, can you tell me what lies Mark Daly told in his BBC documentary?
    As far as I was aware all his information was accurate.

  7. In reply to sammy carson, what does Rangers have to do with lennon getting threats? The people that made the threats have no connection to Rangers. Possibly they may have supported Rangers, but that is like saying a pedo supports celtic, so it’s celtics fault. Oh, hang on a minute……..

  8. Rangers are in DIV3 against the rules of the SFA. They were a new club with no audited accounts. You need 3 yr audited accounts to become a member of the SFA and play in the SFL. After the LNS, which in my opinion is an open and shut case the cheating shall be revealed. Remember Also the EBT tax avoidance scheme is under appeal at the supreme court. Still a long way to go with this story.

  9. Stuart – ‘The’ Rangers were allowed by a extremely benevolant SFA to enter the 3rd Division without fulfilling the entry requirements for membership. They were not dumped there. Rangers are in liquidation – there is no punishment for this, the club simply ceases to be and the spot in the SPL that they held becomes vacant. The Rangers are a newly formed club in Scotland and should have started at the bottom (Juniors). That you are in a professional league at all is something you should be very grateful for instead of throwing so much arse and attitude about.

  10. a smartbhoy? I thought to myself surely not, and afer reading ur comments they only served to enhance my love of irony.

  11. Rangers is not a new club. Rangers has been in existence for more than 140 years. We are also completely debt free because……oh wait! Did I already hit the submit button?

  12. [Quote]Stuart “rangers were dumped in the 3rd Division due to a presumption of guilt that never transpired, these two did more than most to perpetuate that presumption.”[\Quote]

    Nope, old “Rangers 1872” were guilty. Guilty of not paying VAT and PAYE under Whyte which led to them going bust. Old Rangers had a choice, either to pay their taxes the same as the rest of us, or employ another few footballing journeymen on high salaries. Old “Rangers 1872” went into a liquidation and ceased to exist because of this.

    As a brand new history free club, “The Rangers 2012” applied to take their place in the SPL and were denied. And they weren’t “dumped” in the 3rd division as the SFA/SFL/SPL made up the rules to suit one club, “The Rangers 2012” were given special privilege to enter the league at the 4th level.

  13. The poorest journalist in C4 history and the Panorama presenter that can’t present discuss a topic that they simply do not understand, perhaps due to their own blinkered “un-journalistic” approaches.

    Even the poster “Steven” has been fooled by some of their misinformation.

  14. You’d think Rangers fans would have more of a grasp on what actually happened to their team. It’s no wonder they died when the supporters continually have their head in the sand. However, I’m sure the new club will prosper with Charles Green in charge. There’s absolutely no way he’s trying to fleece you as he changed from a hard nosed businessman to a “Bear” the minute he caught Rangersitis.

  15. Excellent viewing and always refreshing to hear the truth about the old rangers

    Wonder if the new rangers, rfc2012, the rangers, rangers international fc or whatever their NEW NAME is will refuse to pay tax like oldco did

  16. amazed that the majority of the comments on here are from Celtic fans!!! their obsession knows no bounds!!

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