D-Day for Dunfermline

by Tom Freeman

Dunfermline Athletic Football club could be plunged into administration tomorrow.

Today marks the deadline set by HMRC for the football club to pay a tax bill of £134,000. Yesterday the steering group set up to ensure short-term financial stability at the Pars admitted they had “run out of options.”

Club owner Gavin Masterton and the board met non-footballing staff this morning and will make a statement on the club’s future tomorrow.

On saturday goalkeeper Paul Gallacher told the club’s website:

“The Club is dying on its knees in front of me. It is disappointing to see and you just hope that somebody can come in with a package to get us out of this. It is really trying times. Hopefully over the weekend something can happen that can see us through to the end of the season.” It appears no potential saviour has come forward, and it is expected the club will release a statement later today.

Kevin McRoberts, of the Fife Free Press told us “The most likely outcome now is administration. I’m resigned to the fact that if I haven’t already seen their last game, then it’ll be Wednesday”

Our full interview with McRoberts here: