Edinburgh Marathon goes ahead

In the wake of the bombing of the Boston marathon last night, the implications for marathon events in the UK are under scrutiny.

edinburgh marathon

Neil Kilgour, director of the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, released a statement this morning: “We are shocked by the events we’ve seen unfold in Boston and our thoughts are with the injured and their families.

“It is a sad day for the running community. Runners’ safety is our primary concern. We work very closely with the police and emergency services when organising all the events over the Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend and follow their advice.”

The FBI have today opened a ‘potential terrorist inquiry’ into the attack, after the explosions left three dead and at least 170 injured, several critically.

UK police have reassured spectators and runners that the London Marathon will go ahead as planned this Sunday, but it is understood that security will be stepped up considerably.

Around 27,000 have registered to take part in the 2013 Edinburgh Marathon, which takes place on the 25th/26th of May.

image by Lesley Martin for Edinburgh Festival Marathon

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