Napier students reject independence

A Napier University poll has revealed that only 29.5% of its students back Scottish independence.

The survey was carried out for the University’s magazine, Buzz, as part of the Masters Journalism course. 569 students were asked the question ‘If the Independence Referendum was held tomorrow, how would you vote?’ over the course of the one day poll.  This represents a sample rate of 3% of the University’s student body.

Here we talk to Simon Pia, Lecturer on Journalism at Napier and former Scottish Labour Spin Doctor about his reaction to the result.

3 thoughts on “Napier students reject independence”

  1. It seems strange that a vote conducted on 3% of the student body is being spun as Napier students ‘rejecting’ independence. I am part of Napier Students for Independence and none of us knew this was happening. Coincidently, why is the result analysed by a Labour spin doctor? Why is there no opposition or balance?

  2. There is no spin, just plain facts. Of the people Buzz asked, only 29.5% would vote YES. That strikes me as a significant story and both The Times and The Express agree as they published it today.

    Why should your group be told this was happening? It was a poll designed to give us a snapshot of what the general feeling is on campus and it did that. It would be less accurate if we had publicised it as it would then become about which campaign could turn out more of their core support.

    The result is analysed by Mr Pia as he is a lecturer in Journalism at the university and as a very prominent media figure with experience of the sharp end of scottish politics. We offered both Better Together and YES the oppurtunity to provide an interview, they both declined to offer even a quote. That’s how much they both cared about this yesterday morning when they were contacted.

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