Edinburgh Derby Pre-Match Preview

Billy Brown

Billy Brown

By Hamza Jabir

Billy Brown claims pressure is all on ‘underachieving’ Hibs.

The build up to tonight’s Edinburgh derby took a tense turn yesterday as both camps indulged in a bout of mind games.

Hearts assistant manager Billy Brown opened the exchange by asserting that the pressure is all on Hibs manager Pat Fenlon and his side. He drew particular attention to the gulf in terms of experience between both sides, adding that he believed Hibs were underachieving given the quality of players at the club.

“I don’t think at this level there are any games with no pressure but Hibs are at home, there are not many young players in their team and they are playing a young team.  With the squad they’ve got you’d be expecting to be up in the top three or four so the expectations of the club are higher than where the team is at the moment.” said Brown.

“Reading the papers and listening to everyone, they are not giving us a chance. I would think if there is any extra pressure in a game like this, its not at this end of the city.”

Hibs captain James McPake questioned the substance behind Brown’s assertions and believes it is too early in the season to judge if his side are struggling to fulfill their potential.

“Billy said the exact same when he was here – that the pressure was all on Hearts!” said McPake.

“If the plan is to get into people’s minds then fair enough but I’ve got a lot more on my mind than listening to people say there is pressure on me.

“He might say we’re underachieving but is it two games in 10 we’ve lost? Again, that’s his opinion but I don’t need Billy Brown or anybody else to tell me how big this football club is.”

Hibs boss Fenlon was blunt with his reply when asked about Brown’s comments.

He said, “I’m not too interested in what he (Brown) has to say, i am just concentrating on my own club and getting us prepared for Wednesday night.”