News in Brief

By Stuart Iversen, Alex Watson and Benjamin Bland

A new study has found that close to nine million people in the UK are in serious debt.  8.8 million UK residents (18% of the population) consider themselves to have severe financial issues.

David Cameron has announced benefit restrictions on EU migrant workers. They will include a three-month ban on Jobseekers allowance for migrants. This follows public anxiety over the lifting of transitional controls on Bulgarians entering the UK in January.

The Supreme Court has ordered the owners of a Christian gatehouse to pay damages, after they turned away a gay couple.

Transform Scotland have claimed that public bodies in Scotland are not doing enough to to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

New NHS guidelines are urging hospitals to implement a complete smoking ban across their premises. Critics fear it would lead to increased security costs and misuse of staff resources.

An Edinburgh West End printing company have been ordered to remove posters encouraging readers to throw eggs at trams.  Intended as a lighthearted marketing scheme, the joke has now been shut down by police.