Historic Church to host Victorian Market

File:Tron Kirk, High Street, Edinburgh.JPG

View of Tron Kirk from the Royal Mile   Photo: Kim Traynor

By Jordan Hooks

Tron Kirk, a historic church located on the Royal Mile, has become the new location for a Victorian-style market.

Proposals to convert the A-listed church into a market say the church would become the new home to a dozen stalls selling pottery, jewelry, tweed and whisky. It will also include tourist information points.

Antiques dealer David Coutts would take over the management of the venue until September 2015 when they building would be returned to the council.

Additionally, this new market comes in a series of plans approved by the city chiefs to host music, theater, art galleries and retail events in Tron Kirk well into the summer months and continue until 2015.

After September 2015, Edinburgh World Heritage Trust will transform the building into a visitor center.

Tron Kirk was constructed between 1636 and 1647 and the council as had ownership of it since 1972. Last summer, it was turned into  Fringe venue and bar during the festival, and will be used for the same purpose again this upcoming festival season.