Local Man to be Sentenced for Harrassment

By Hamza Jabir

A man convicted of harassing a woman in Musselburgh will be sentenced next month at Haddington Crown Court.

John Fraser followed the unnamed 55 year old along Musselburgh High Street and after noticing her pursuer tried to allow him to pass by stopping, however he also halted, forcing her to seek refuge in a local café.

Fraser proceeded to enter the café, so closely that staff believed them to be visiting together. After seating herself, Fraser sat at another table opposite and began banging a menu and glass off the surface.

Describing her ordeal, the victim confessed to feeling ‘extremely scared’ and feeling ‘sick’.

Fraser had a prior record for disturbing behavior and last month kicked open the front door of the Costa Coffee shop on Musselburgh High Street with his face covered by a scarf and hood.