NHS Facing £5 Million Lawsuit

By Hamza and Fraser

NHS Lothian are facing a damaging £5 million lawsuit after a patient came back to life despite being pronounced dead by doctors.

Lorna Baillie,51, had collapsed in her Prestonpans home in February 2012 and was rushed to the Edinburgh royal Infirmary.  Three hours after arriving she was pronounced clinically dead by doctors and remained so for 45 minutes after staff turned off her life support system.

After showing signs of life within this time, Mrs Baillie’s family pleaded with nurses to turn the system back on and after approval from senior staff she was successfully resuscitated. However the mother of two suffered irreparable damage to the brain due to a lack of oxygen and will almost certainly require professional medical care for the rest of her life.

Daughter Leanne Baillie, 33, said: ‘She is not the woman she was before this happened.

‘She doesn’t remember that we are her daughters. She doesn’t remember that we are her daughters. She knows my name, but to her I’m just someone called Leanne that she kind of knows.’

Dr David Farquharson, NHS Lothian medical director, said: ‘We are unable to comment on this case as a result of legal proceedings.’