Halloween Events At The Scottish International Storytelling Festival

The director of Scotland’s Storytelling Festival last night hailed the event as “the greatest celebration of traditional storytelling in the world”.

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival is a 10-day celebration of live storytelling from a multitude of oral traditions.

Donald Smith, Festival Director said: “We are all able to connect through stories, it’s a fundamental part of being human they have the power to cross boundaries, transform perceptions and bridge division.”

In celebration of upcoming Halloween weekend the event Tree Trails will be taking place today and tomorrow at 13:30pm.

Visitors can enjoy the legends of Scotland’s indigenous trees – the oak, birch, pine and rowan – as the seasons change in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Guests are welcomed to join storytellers Janis Mackay and David Campbell as they explore the myths of the landscape and ask the question, “What happens when the trees gather on Halloween?”

Ms Mackay said: “[Storytellers] truly make their stories come alive, the audience get to create a reality for themselves which is very different to a novel or a film.”

This year’s theme, Stories Without Borders, will explore global issues through the power of storytelling and brings together Scottish, European, Middle Eastern and North African storytellers celebrating the cultural diversity of oral customs.

The Festival takes place in and around Edinburgh, partner venues include the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Dovecot Studios, the National Library of Scotland and other cultural organisations.