Perthshire Prepares to Welcome Syrian Refugees

Perth and Kinross Council has insisted plans are on schedule to rehouse Syrian migrants affected by the refugee crisis, despite concerns over whether the UK as a whole can meet its pledge of rehousing 20,000 refugees.

In conjunction with the Minority Ethnic Access Development (MEAD) programme, preparations are underway to welcome about 30 Syrians to Perthshire.

Following concerns raised by MPs last night over whether or not the UK is ready to take in an average of 4,000 migrants a year, a spokesman for MEAD, Nicholas Morrison, confirmed that plans were still on schedule to rehouse five Syrian families by December.

Following several “Days of Action” in Perth last month, many essential items such as tents, clothing, and toiletries have been donated by citizens across the city.

Andrew Davidson, 23, an employee at the council, spoke of the events’ success. “A lot of people donated,” he said. “It’s really great to see everyone get involved in something that’s for such a good cause.”

Scotland has agreed to take on 2,000 migrants, of which Perth’s “fair share” would be around 50.

A report issued by the council on resettling families said: “We are confident that, due to the work and preparation already in place, these families will be resettled and the Council will continue to work with the Scottish Government Task Force and Home Office on future plans for resettlement of families.”

Several members of the community have even offered to accommodate refugees, following the powerful images of the refugee crisis.

Speaking after the days of action, Health and Housing Committee Convener Dave Doogan said: “A heartening number of people have contacted the council following the distressing images of war and conflict to offer support, including accommodation.

“Perth and Kinross council stands ready to support refugees affected by this crisis in any way it can.”