Edinburgh and Glasgow overtake London in number of new start-ups

Abbey Fleming

Edinburgh and Glasgow have overtaken London in terms of cities with the most new start-up companies.

New analysis of Companies House data by Instant Offices shows that start-ups in Edinburgh have grown by 33 per cent and by 30 per cent in Glasgow over the last year.

This is a greater increase than London, that showed some of the smallest proportional growth at 21 per cent and marks a change in the cities driving start-up growth.

The UK as a whole has seen increased growth in start-ups and has increased by 22 per cent over the past 12 months.

According to Scottish Business News website, Instant Offices CEO Tim Rodber said the growth in start-ups across the UK shows a shift in the balance of the workforce.

He accredited part of the high levels of start-up growth to the UK’s contingent workforce, citing freelancers, consultants and one-man companies as sources of growth and innovation across the country.

While Edinburgh and Glasgow have both seen heightened levels of start-up growth, it was Nottingham that saw the largest increase with a 68 per cent boost.