Residents in flooded village form a ‘human chain’ to rescue people trapped in the local shop

By Eleonora Theodoridou


Storm Desmond has claimed its third victim after a pensioner, 70, died in the hospital days after being hit by a sign.

Last night’s wave of destruction was a repeat of the weekend flooding brought on by Storm Desmond, with record rainfall leaving a village in Kendal Cumbria was cut off from the outside world for four days.

According to the Mail Online website, another victim  died  in Storm Desmond, following the death of  Ernie Crouch, 90, and another 78-year-old man.

Mr.Crouch died after being blown into the side of a moving bus by strong winds near Finchley Central Tube station in London, on Saturday.

The body of a 78-year-old man – whose identity is still unknown – was recovered after he fell into fast-flowing floodwater in the swollen River Kent, in Kendal Cumbria.

The villagers formed a human chain to rescue several people trapped by rapidly rising floodwater.

Villager Mark Hook, 57, spoke to Mail Online: ‘There were people [trapped] in the mini-mart so locals got together with the emergency services to help them out.

‘At one point there was a human chain – it was quite dramatic. They wouldn’t have got out of there without help.’

A  member of the staff from UK weather forecast Hannah, said over a phone interview: ‘The vast extent of the flooding which forced thousands of people out of their homes in Carlisle.

‘It was  an unexplained phenomenon after Storm Desmond brought record amount of rainfalls including 13.5 inches in just 24 hours.

‘If you check online you will see that we have report about the weather but to be honest for any  reason we believed that we will have  this result,’ Hannah’s staff member added.

Sara Baxter  from  Allerdale Borough Council said that “  the damages are huge”.

Mrs. Baxter agreed with the Mail Online, saying: ‘This area has many problems with the  construction  of buildings and as a result the community can’t confront the bad weather .

‘A second clean-up operation is now underway for residents of flood-damaged homes, who were hit by a second wave of flooding yesterday and overnight after further rainfall lashed the country.

‘Having spent days attempting to savage any possessions and return their homes to normal, they faced further misery when rivers over-topped and flood fences failed once again, sending raging torrents down the flood-hit streets.’