Edinburgh Tesco Store denies controversial two-tiered queuing system

by Cormac Rae

Elliot James (left), 16, Boroughmuir High School student

Parents and students from Boroughmuir High School complained of a two tiered queuing system at a nearby Tesco metro store.

According to reports, private school George Watson’s student were not required to queue whilst state school Boroughmuir students were allegedly made to wait in a line.

Controversy occurred when a parent and lecturer at Edinburgh University, Neil Pollock engaged in a Twitter spat with a Tesco representative.

Tesco meanwhile have denied all responsibility for the practise, they told the Guardian :‘This is completely untrue – there has never been any discrimination between state and private school children at this store.’

However, Boroughmuir High School students who spoke to Edinburgh Napier News today (ENN) said otherwise.

“We were quite surprised, on Monday when we came back as we usually do but they put the barriers away and almost pretended like it didn’t happen,” said Elliot James,16, Boroughmuir High School student.

Mathhew Milne, 16 and Elliot James shared their thoughts with ENN:

Wilfred Magnussen ,Napier digital media student and former Boroughmuir High School student.

Wilfred Magnussen,19 shared his thoughts on having to queue with ENN.

A sense of unfairness regarding the policy has resonated with students and parents from Boroughmuir High School and the Tesco metro store received press attention from the BBC and numerous publications.

‘They make you cue and Watsons [students] get in straight away’ said Cameron McRobb, 16, Boroughmuir High School.

Alastair Grant, 26, Evening News reporter who was covering the event said of the denial by Tesco: ‘Well, on our facebook page we’ve had a number of parents and people say it is the case’.