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  1. Bruno Mars- Chunky

With the new album’s release on Friday, the Hawaiian harmoniser is out with yet another funky single that is sure to get you grooving. Following suit from the previous jams such as, ‘24K Magic’ and ‘Versace on the Floor’, the new song indulges us into a romanticised old-skool aura with classic R&B sounds. The only thing that mattered back then was the size of your girls’ backside. Opening with a short synth-solo, we are instantly greeted by the classic Mars voice and a nostalgic, Rapper’s Delight-esque bassline. As the tune increases in party-rhythm, we are led into a chorus melody not dissimilar from past-hit Treasure. The song may not make it to party-anthem territory, but it is definitely one to tap your toes and cruise with your crew to.

  1. John Mayer- Love on the Weekend

Mayer the Player has been toying with his social media followers all week with the repeated announcement of this song dropping. This single is the first we’ve heard of the mega-guitarist since his acclaimed stab at Country in 2013 (not counting his cover of Beyonce’s ‘XO). The ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ singer is back to his usual ways with his new single, well almost. The drum-tempo and guitar-strumming sounds like classic Mayer, however his vocal melody and production have remnants of his Country-exploration. Mixing the two genres is far from a bad thing as the romance song is a tranquil piece that reminds you that after 15 years of making music, Mayer has still got it. His seventh album is definitely one to look out for.

  1. Childish Gambino- Redbone

There is something very mysterious about Donald Glover’s return to music. Although he’s been dropping tracks and artwork from his upcoming album, it still feels like Donald has got something secretive up his sleeve. One thing is for sure though; his new sound is something unique. Redbone almost immediately brings a funky riff over a slow beat, followed by a distorted vocal melody reminiscent of electronic band Cherub. Although Glover is yet to debut this album’s rapping elements, he has shown astounding vocal talents never seen from him before. These kind of make us wonder if this track potentially has a feature. This song is a slow piece that leaves you eagerly anticipating the new album.

  1. The Weeknd- I Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)/ Party Monster

One of the hottest artists there is right now. The Weeknd’s new album, Starboy, is slated to be released at the end of the week. However, he felt the need to give us not one but two tracks early. ‘I Feel It Coming’ is a serene serenade with soft vocals (for The Weeknd anyway) and a distinct Daft Punk touch that makes it sound like it could be on the soundtrack for Drive 2. On the other hand, his other new track ‘Party Monster’ has The Weeknd in his element. Although, as the title may suggest it is not as hard-hitting and fast-pasted as recent single ‘False Alarm’, the song features more model productions of modern R&B such as the frequent synth melody and a quick tapping rhythm. The Weeknd has given us two examples showing that this album has his signature sound yet takes us to new levels in diverse ways.

  1. Little Mix- Oops (ft. Charlie Puth)

Starting to feel like Little Mix are growing on you? Is ‘Shout Out to my Ex’ your guilty pleasure? Well there’s no point trying to shake it off because the new single is going to seal the deal for you; sorry in advance. ‘Oops’ is very much a pop song, but it seems like a more genuine alternative to the accustomed pop hits of today. Various elements such as the lyrics ‘oops, baby, I love you’ and the simple supporting melody creates a distinct harmony between the girls. However, there are various instrumental elements all perfectly blended together that means you can’t help but keep listening. Introduced with a whistle melody and a modest piano riff, the song in full swing brings in an authentic drum-kit beat and low brass for the bass. These various aspects are weaved together so perfectly it’s sure to be a new pop favourite.

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