Film review: Allied

Pitt and Cottiard in Allied. Picture credit: IMDb


Picture credit: IMDb
Picture credit: IMDb

The stars of Allied, Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, are preposterously beautiful people. It’s not fair, to be honest.

Place these two actors in any scene, and their presence can be somewhat show-stealing.

Not so in director Robert Zemeckis’ Allied, a film that from the start has a decidedly old-fashioned feel – in the best possible way. Both Pitt and Cotillard are classic movie stars, of a kind that is too rare these days. The movie itself has a somewhat timeless aura to it, often feeling as though Allied could have been filmed at any time over the past 60 years, apart from the odd modern flourish that Zemeckis brings to the screen.

The film is not without its faults however. For one thing – and a common problem with many high-profile films these days – much of the plot was revealed in the trailers. Whilst there are still plenty of surprises left in the film, it’s a shame that the advertising team didn’t leave a little more to the imagination.

The film itself takes a bit of time to get on its feet. The first act is pretty but leisurely, and exists purely as a perfunctory set-up to the tense-as-wire second and third acts. Once the film settles in, however, the pressure never lets up. It all leads up to a heartbreaking but predictable finale.

While certainly not to the standard of one of Zemeckis’ prior triumphs, such as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, Allied is nonetheless a well-made and well-acted throwback to a bygone era.