Grown Together Exhibition: Consequences of disconnect between humans and nature

Photo Credit: Rachel Mackie

Deep within a third floor gallery on the outskirts of the city centre, hides the Grown Together Exhibition.

The Grown Together exhibition experiments with nature and beauty in unique and powerful ways, and includes the collaborative work of eighteen artists.

The sparse surroundings add extra atmosphere to stunning and original pieces that evoke real emotion from its audience.

With a vibrant mix of audio, visual and poetry, this display shows our various connections to nature, and the beauty of the world around us.

Artist Anne Gilchrist said: “I have grown steadily to understand the terrible consequences of human disconnect from nature and hope my work may speak for the non-human.”

And this is the reality of the pieces that are on display, a real examination of our impact on our surroundings.

The diversity of the artists shows a full and colourful approach that never repeats or bores, and each piece of work offers an insightful and mesmerising view into the creator’s mind-set.

Participating artist Isabell Buenz has always been inspired by the natural world, using paper and old books within her work quite regularly.

“I work with seconds, discarded paper and books. The books I use are second hand from charity shops, donations or discarded library books. When I create my book sculptures I use books and book pages that are relevant to the subject of the event,” Buenz said.

Photo Credit: Rachel Mackie

She goes on to describe her work with the gallery as:

“Probably one of the best exhibitions I have been part of. It deserves to be shown in a nationally acclaimed gallery.”

This is a comment reiterated by many, that this exhibition deserves more exposure due to the high level of talent that is on display.

The work was put together by artist and curator Tansy Lee Moir. It is situated in Gallery One, St Margaret’s House, and is free entry.