18-year-old girl expelled from Fettes College

Photo Credit: Derek Sweeney Videographer

AN 18-YEAR-OLD has been expelled from Fettes College after being caught in bed with another student on a school trip.

The unnamed girl, who was on an international trip with the college at the time, was reprimanded following the event and further expelled by Headmaster Geoffrey Stanford.

The £33,000-a-year college issued the following statement:

“Fettes College regret to confirm that an 18-year-old girl broke the School Rules on an international school trip.”

The college – that has seen the likes of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, Hollywood A-lister Tilda Swinton and ex-Rangers supremo Sir David Murray through their doors – hasn’t been without controversy in recent years.

The ordeal comes just two-months after a 16-year-old student was expelled after attending chapel on ecstasy.

2009 saw four students expelled for a boozy, drug-fuelled party off campus.

The ecstasy ordeal was discovered following the strange behaviour of the student in the morning chapel service.

He was taken to hospital where it was discovered he had been taking the class A pills, some of which were found in his room.

Concerning last weeks expulsion, Fettes continued: “As a result of her actions she is no longer a pupil at Fettes college.”