Queensferry Crossing operational but not fully functional

Photo Credit: Chris Firth

Former Scottish Labour leader, Kezia Dugdale, has asked the Scottish Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, to confirm the date he expects the Queensferry Crossing to be fully functional for commuters.

The Queensferry Crossing was officially opened on Wednesday 30 August 2017 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

While teething problems were expected, three months on there are still road and speed restrictions in place.

Thousands of people who commute between Fife and Edinburgh are said to be frustrated because their journey is taking longer than expected.

Yousaf has been unable to provide a definitive answer and has said he will “reply to the members as soon as possible”.

Dugdale responded by saying: “This is a humiliating response for the Transport Minister and the Scottish Government. Despite numerous ceremony’s [sic] and celebrations around the completion of the new Queensferry Crossing, months on from the official opening and the Scottish Government have had to admit it is still incomplete.”