Stranger Hings: Chris McQueer announces sequel to debut book

Last night Chris McQueer announced that he will be releasing a sequel to his literary sensation Hings.

Hings: The B-Sides will feature eight short stories in a 40-page A5 zine.

404 Ink will release the booklet in mid-December as part of their new zine series.

The first instalment of Hings was published in July this year and was an immediate hit in the Scottish literary community.

Comparisons were made between McQueer, Irvine Welsh and Limmy for his surreal humour and focus on Glasgow’s working class community.

His publishers discovered McQueer when he submitted a short story to the first issue of their magazine in November last year.

They invited him to read at the launch party for the Error issue, where he read an extract from ‘The Dug’.

“We loved Chris from the moment his short story ‘The Universe Factory’ landed in our inbox,” said 404 Ink when they announced Hings in March. “After bringing down the house with his readings we knew 404 had to publish him,” his publishers commented.

Prior to submitting his work, McQueer was already publishing his work on the long-form writing platform, Medium.

He had generated thousands of followers on Twitter, a community that 404 Ink were able to tap into when promoting the book.

One of their tactics included encouraging Twitter users to Photoshop images of Hings into pop culture pictures.

404 Ink are known for their innovative approach to promoting books online, and were nominated for a Creative Edinburgh Award on Monday.