Clydebank man sentenced

Photo Above: Edinburgh High Court © Ryan Latto

By Rachel Mackie

A Clydebank man, described as a “despicable human being”, has been sentenced to 27 months in prison, after being found guilty of four counts of assault.

Lawrence Barilli was found guilty after testimonies from two victims, one of whom was 17 years old, of domestic abuse.

Charges of rape were ruled not proven, as Barilli claimed a condition called ‘Sexsomnia’ which made him perform sexual acts in his sleep.

Barilli’s defence said that the accused had “accepted that his behaviour was disgusting. It was immature and pointed to anger issues, and he no longer recognises the person he once was”. The advocate also pointed out Barilli’s cooperation with the case.

Presiding judge, Lord Scott did take into account his plea of guilty on all but one charge, but said that he had made his victims feel “dread, humiliation and fear” and reiterated a statement from one of the victims that “it was hard to point to a day of no violence”.

The judge added Barilli was a “disgusting man. Despicable human being and a bully”.

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