Kez promises koala-ty TV on our screens

By Claire Galloway and Abdulrahman Hassan

Photo Above: Australian Jungle © Erik Veland on Flickr

Scottish Labour has decided not to suspend former leader Kezia Dugdale, following her decision to join hit TV show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

”We decided not to suspend her in the meeting yesterday evening and wait for her to return back to listen to her explanation about this.”

-Labour Spokesperson

Kezia abandoned her post as an MSP to take on bushtucker trials with a host of other C-listers, as a replacement for Jack Maynard, 22.

Jack Maynard, brother of popstar Conor Maynard, dropped out of the competition amid allegations of inappropriate tweets dating back to 2012.

While the news of her appearance was leaked days ago, the politician made her official arrival in the jungle last night, accompanied by fellow newcomer, comedian Iain Lee.

For First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Kezia’s actions were inappropriate. Sturgeon said: ”It’s not something I would want to see an SNP MSP do.”

But what do the public think of an MSP swapping politics for eating spiders with the likes of Made in Chelsea star Georgia Toffolo?

One man said:

”She’s just trying to look more human, approachable and personable. She’s obviously trying to appeal to kids but it just comes off wrong.”

Another said:

”They do it because they are not fit for anything else, celebrity for the sake of celebrity. Look how good I am.”