McDonald’s Princes Street loses 24-hour license

Photo Above: Princes Street McDonalds © Ian Thomson on Geograph

By Aisling Press

McDonald’s on Princes Street will no longer be permitted to open around the clock. The city centre branch, which is popular with late-night revellers, will now remain open no later than 3am.

The move comes after the City of Edinburgh Council Licensing Sub-Committee withdrew their consent for the all-night opening hours.

The decision was made during a recent sub-committee meeting and came into effect this week.

Conservative Councillor for the City Centre Ward, Joanna Mowat, said: “Regarding the closure of McDonald’s on Princes Street overnight this decision was taken as a result of Police objections because of the large number of incidents of anti-social behaviour they were dealing with.

“Where there is a clear cause of anti-social behaviour which is acting like a magnet it is right this should be removed so I am pleased to see that the Committee has taken a decision to respond to Police concerns to protect the officers and those that might be drawn into the bad behaviour either as participant or victim and that this is the right response to protect people from harm.”

According to the meeting papers, a representation was received from Police Scotland.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said:”The decision is ultimately a licensing one, although there was police representation at the meeting.”

The new opening hours bring Princes Street McDonald’s back in line with other fast food outlets in Edinburgh, including the McDonald’s restaurant in St Andrew Square.

Fast food takeaways typically shut before alcohol-licensed premises close, to ensure anti-social behaviour remains at a minimum.

The Princes Street branch of McDonald’s was granted a 24-hour license during the Fringe Festival in 2011, which was extended in 2012.

But those worried that their late night Big Mac will become a thing of the past should not despair – while the fast food restaurant will close at 2am during the week and 3am on Friday and Saturday, it will reopen at 5am every morning.