Beaverhall Open Day: A boost for the local art scene

Photo Above: Work Station © Rachel Mackie

The old converted chocolate factory in the Broughton area seems an unlikely place for the vibrant heart of many creative, independent businesses, but never the less, there they are. With another open weekend, they open the doors to the talent that lies within.

Everything from sculpting, to virtual reality, to painting and jewellery making, we are reminded that this smorgasbord  of activity is right at our fingertips.

A local jewellery business owner Elizabeth Jane Campbell said: “These open days are a wonderful chance for us to show off our stuff obviously.

“But it’s also an opportunity to show people the sort of work that goes into creating these pieces to show the time and the effort that we take, and to have some appreciation of the process. I think that’s one of the most important things, people understanding the work process, understanding the value of what we do”.

When asked whether this is better or worse for their business and exposure than other outlets they both agree that this open day is very much preferable.

A local business owner, Catherine Nuttall, said: “There’s something exciting about showing your work in the actual workshop you make it in.

“It’s certainly not as glamorous as other events we do, but there’s a great relaxed vibe, and people get a chance to see what we really do, day to day, and how important their custom is.”

Campbell said: “It comes just in time for the Christmas rush. The handmade angle is strong, we’re expecting to do very well and we can just stay in our workshops!”