Edinburgh to Glasgow train times to take 42 minutes by 2018

Photo Above: Glasgow Queen Street © Geof Sheppard on Wikipedia

By December 2018 the Edinburgh to Glasgow Improvement Programme will deliver the fastest journey time of 42 minutes between Glasgow and Edinburgh’s city centre’s.

The new electric trains are set to reduce the commute between the two cities, from 52 minutes to 42 minutes in December 2018.

A Transport Scotland Spokesperson has said: “The Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme aims to increase capacity on the rail corridor, deliver a reduction in journey times and reduce the carbon footprint.”

The electric train, which will run on the flagship service link between Glasgow Queen Street and Edinburgh Waverley, was initially planned for 2016.

However, the plans were pushed back to 2017 and now hopes for completion lie at the end of 2018.

The Transport Scotland Spokesperson continued: “The introduction of modern efficient electric trains will enable a cleaner and quieter railway with lower carbon emissions.

“Scotland’s commuters, business users, students, tourists and leisure users will benefit from improvement’s in service choice and faster journey times on modern, attractive more energy efficient trains.”

In addition, the introduction of the new Class 385 trains will provide 26% more seats when 7 car trains operate and 44% more seats when 8 cars start to run between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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