Historic Sexual Offences Act: public consultation required?

Photo Above: Human  Rights and LGBT campaigner  Peter Tatchell (second from right) ©  Alisdare Hickson on Flickr

A public consultation on the bill to give an automatic pardon to gay men convicted of same-sex consensual sex crimes, has been launched in the Scottish Parliament.

The Bill – addressing what the government calls ‘past discriminatory laws in Scotland’ – begins its passage through parliament tomorrow, and the parliament’s Equalities and Human Rights Committee is seeking views on whether the proposals go far enough in quashing  and removing convictions from criminal records.

Leading human rights and LGBT campaigner,  Peter Tatchell, said: “A public consultation is unnecessary and unjustified. The Scottish government should do the right thing and put right this historic injustice without further delay.”

But we went on the streets of Edinburgh to ask you whether you agree with an automatic pardon for past crimes: