Kezia Dull-dale

Photo Above: I’m A Celebrity Screen Capture © I’m A Celebrity

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale caused a massive stir in the press and generated mixed public opinion when she entered “I’m A Celebrity“.  Since then she has failed to generate much interest at all.

The show’s bosses are apparently angry at the lack of controversy she is creating in the show, considering the pay cheque she is receiving, which is rumoured to be in the region of one hundred thousand pounds.

With Boris Johnston’s father also entering, it was hoped that there would be some heated political debates. However this has failed to materialise.

Her lack of entertainment value has pushed the MSP to the peripherals of the show. Public opinion reiterates the producers’ concerns.

Haftor Medbøe, who has watched “I’m a Celebrity” said: “She was a terrible politician and will probably be an even worse celebrity. As soon as a  politician goes on that show it’s the kiss of death. It’s for clapped out politicians to have their last hooray.”

Another ardent viewer, Bernie McLeod, said: “They all make too much money, having loads of people from different backgrounds is entertaining but she hasn’t been particularly entertaining herself.”

The criticisms continued to build as Greg Knox added: “She’s getting a hundred grand for not participating. I think now she’s finished as a politician as well. You only go on that programme when you’re done. She’s already made her choice.”

Amy Scott, a student, said: “I started watching it because she was on it. She’s quite quiet compared to other people in the camp. It’s probably not right that she’s a politician on the show anyway.”

With such a negative response from her electorate, will Kezia’s jungle foray come to an end soon and will it have an adverse affect on her political career?

Only time and public opinion will tell.