NHS Lothian miss over 3000 diagnostic targets

Photo Above: Stethoscope © Darko Stojanovic on Pixabay

NHS Lothian figures show that over 3000 people’s waiting time has exceeded six-weeks. This figure is inclusive of diagnostic tests to detect cancer.

The Scottish government’s targeted time has dropped from 78.6 per cent to 69.7 per cent in a year, and in September an estimated 3583 patients did not meet the referral target. This makes Lothian figures the worst in Scotland.

For 14,300 patients across Scotland to be waiting over the target period of 6 weeks, this makes the Lothian’s figures the worst in Scotland, which Shadow Healthy Secretary Miles Briggs said was “completely unacceptable.”

Earlier this year, statistics released by Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland, showed a 10 per cent fall in the last year in meeting the target for key diagnostic tests.

MSP Briggs said: “The number of patients waiting to receive a diagnostic test in Lothian is particularly concerning, with only 69.7 per cent of people receiving a diagnostic test within the target of six weeks, the lowest percentage anywhere in Scotland.

“This is part of an alarming trend that has been caused by the SNPs mismanagement of the NHS over the last ten years and their lack of foresight to create a sustainable workforce plan.

“The unecessary stress caused to patients who are having to wait weeks on end to find out if they have cancer is inexcusable and SNP ministers must take action now to turn this situation around.”