Scotland’s First Dog-Café Set to Open in Capital

Photo Above: Chihuahua in Blanket © Mike Foster on Pixabay

The Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe will become Scotland’s newest addition to the animal cafe scene, opening on Frederick St. tomorrow.

The ‘pawsome’ Cafe is the latest animal cafe to open in the capital, joining the ranks of cat cafe ‘Maison de Moggy’, which opened in Stockbridge in 2015.

The venue will boast a bevy of pint sized pooches, free to roam the cafe and interact with guests, the cafe encourages its guests to “Come join our pack!”

Tanya Salitura from the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe said:

“Our concept focuses on an interactive animal experience with resident animals. You book a time to visit us and, once inside, our resident Chihuahuas will be roaming freely amongst guests for you to pet, cuddle, play with, take photos or simply observe and enjoy. Guests come to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures – cake and dogs!”

According to ‘Edinburgh by Numbers,’ produced by the City of Edinburgh Council, the city is home to more than 60 thousand students.

With both undergraduates and postgraduates living in rented accommodation, which often do no permit pets, animal lovers across Edinburgh are looking for other ways to satisfy their need for a four-legged friend.

“Having visited Japan, one of the main hubs for Animal Cafes, and been to many of the UK’s Cat Cafes I am a fan of the concept and feel it really has a lot to offer a wide audience.  As a dog-lover I wondered why the UK didn’t yet have a Dog Cafe.”

What makes Chihuahuas suitable for the cosmopolitan lifestyle of cafe culture?

“When I got my first Chihuahua 5 years ago I soon realised how perfect this breed was for a Cafe. Their size means they are suitable to live indoors and do not require excessive outdoor time. It also makes them great to pick up for a cuddle and minimises dog fur and wagging tails knocking coffee cups over!”

When they’re not beguiling the guests and cavorting amongst the croissants, the cafe’s cutest customers live with Tanya in the Fife countryside, where their life of luxury continues:

“All of the dogs are pets first and foremost but they have been raised and socialised for the Cafe environment. They have been exposed to lots of different people and situations from a young age so that they are used to receiving attention and really enjoy their jobs! All 8 girls live at home with me in the Fife countryside and have their own bedroom and large garden.”

Chihuahuas are amongst the smallest breed of dog and occur in both short and longed hair varieties.

The cafe is home to 8 canine companions, including Gatsby, a long haired golden 8-month-old and Elsa, a short haired lilac coloured female.

“Chihuahuas are one of only a few breeds of dog to have a complete colour spectrum in their coats and various fur lengths. This allows all our girls to look very different; some are very petite, some quite large in build, some are short haired, some long, we have an array of colours from white to black to gold to lilac. This really helps guests identify with them as individuals and get to know their personalities.”

A 50 minute session at the cafe will cost £10, with only the resident chihuahuas permitted on site. You would have to be barking mad to miss out!