Christopher Walken Portrait Goes A-Walking

The stolen canvas. Image credit: The Hermitage Bar

By Louise Wylie

A bar in Morningside has been left relieved as thieves return a stolen painting of Christopher Walken.

Staff at the Hermitage Bar on Comiston Road were baffled to find the portrait of the actor painted as a general missing on Sunday morning.

But following appeals on social media for the canvas to be returned, the light-fingered art lovers handed their ill-gotten goods back.

Manager Rebecca Short says three couples sneaked the painting past staff closing the bar on Saturday night.

After reviewing CCTV, management gave the thieves until Wednesday to take Walken back.

Yesterday one of the group “sheepishly” handed the portrait over to staff and it is once again hanging in the bar.

The ReplaceFace artwork had only been on display for around six weeks.

On The Hermitage’s Facebook page the staff revealed the picture had been returned.

They said: “Mistakes were made but in this instance all is good as we got our beloved Christopher back.”