Edinburgh Council praises the curbing of fireworks

Fireworks on Princes Street image by Alejandro Basterrechea

by Róisín Kilroy

An Edinburgh Council Leader has praised the crackdown on fireworks during Halloween and Bonfire Night Celebration this year.

This years festivities saw an 11% drop in offences including fireworks from 2017 and anti-social behaviour fell 26%.

Bonfire Night celebrations saw a drop an almost 87% reduction of crimes involving fireworks.

A statement issued by the police following Bonfire night read: “Police in Edinburgh have praised the support of the public and partner organisations following a successful Halloween and Bonfire Night policing operation.”

This result comes after successful project by Police Scotland seeking to decrease the impact that fireworks had within Scottish communities, using disperse zones and a higher police presence.

The successful reduction in anti-social behaviour is of particular interest to the Scottish Government, who are looking into the restriction of fireworks.

Council Leader, Adam McVey said: “It’s hugely encouraging the Scottish Government is looking into the actions they can take to tighten controls on fireworks to avoid a repeat of the scenes last year.”

“A number of legal levers which would make a real difference are still unfortunately under the control of Westminster and although the UK Government has shown little interest to date I am delighted the Scottish Government is taking this forward and I hope Westminster will now follow the Scottish Government’s lead and look at tighter controls.”