Leith churches attacker sentenced to four years

Guru Nanak Gurdwara Singh Sabha Temple in Leith:

By Alejandro Basterrechea

A man who attempted to vandalise two places of worship in Leith has been sent to prison.

The man was arrested after attempting to set fire to a Methodist church and a Sikh temple in Leith and has been sentenced to 4 years prison.

Paul Johnson, 49, pleaded guilty to the charges last week, saying he has no issue with any particular religion and was wanted to make a ‘political statement’.

Authorities from the Gurdwara Sikh Temple condemned the incident via social media.

Temple vice president, Ragbeer Singh said: “That sentence is absolutely ridiculous. He could have burned that place down, killed the people inside. Four years is not enough, he would serve two and then be back out”.

The incident, in which no one was injured, happened on the 28th August in the early morning hours. A person attending the church spotted the fire on one of the side doors of the temple. He alerted the fire services immediately.

People of Leith and Edinburgh have showed their support with a march and via social media.

Ragbeer added: “The Leith people and the people of Edinburgh has been very good and showed great support to us.”