Edinburgh workers hold Christmas Fayre to raise money for local dog and cat home

Wednesday's Choir from West Linton, Peebleshire singing Christmas carols to raise everyone's spirits in the rainy weather. Image credit: Scott Louden

By Paulette Myrie

Staff and volunteers at a dog and cat home in Portobello held a Christmas Fayre yesterday. This was organised to raise money towards the upkeep of the animals and the premises.

The event on Seafield Road started at midday and despite heavy downpours, dogs and their owners streamed into the grounds to look at the food and entertainment stands.

Kelly Barbour, a fundraiser said: “The purpose of the event is to bring in vital donations as we don’t receive government or statutory funding and operation costs are over £2m a year.”

Marilyn, from Morningside, who has been volunteering for two and a half years said: “It’s unfortunate about the weather, but it’s nice to see people bringing dogs they have adopted from here and getting everyone to come along.”

Ryan and Jade from East Lothian adopted Mojo, a stray dog that had been at the home for two years.

Ryan said: “Someone had him but took him back to the home. He’s quite reactive so we had him trained.”

Jade added: “He walks off the lead now and he’s well behaved. He’s a spoilt dog, a mummy’s boy.”

Leesa, from Musselburgh spoke about a sponsorship scheme the home runs. She said: “I sponsor a kennel in memory of my brother John. It’s £150 for a plaque and then £10 a month. The money covers the fees for the dog.”

During the event, a new type of dog treat called Bug Bakes was promoted. Ross Lamond, the inventor, said: “It’s the UK’s first dog treat made from sustainable insect protein. It promotes a circular economy and has less environmental impact than livestock farming.”

For any information or donations contact the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.