Last Tango in Paris Director dies aged 77

Bertolucci has died aged 77.

By Alejandro Basterrechea

Italian film movie director Bernardo Bertolucci has died after a long cancer battle, his publicist confirmed today.

Bernardo Bertolucci became a figure of the Italian new wave of film makers in the early 60s along with Fellini, among others. His international recognition came after working with Marlon Brandon in Last Tango in Paris in 1972.

The production, which also had the late Maria Schneider in the cast, had a controversial impact on the director’s career in the last years. In one of his last interviews, Bertolluci recalled the controversial ‘butter scene’, where Schneider’s character was being raped by Brandon’s character. He said he considered it a scene that needed to be felt and not acted, and that he didn’t regret it but felt terrible for Schneider.

His most critically successful movie, The Last Emperor (1987) gave him two Oscar awards for best director and co-writing.

Other productions directed by Bertolucci were The Conformist (1970) and The Dreamers (2003). The Italian completed his last feature in Me and You in 2012.

Bertolucci was born in Parma in 1941, was married and had no children.