Scotland win in last game of the year at Murrayfield

Scotland beat Argentina 14-9. Image credit: Alejandro Basterrechea

By Alejandro Basterrechea


On a cold and rainy afternoon, Murrayfield was witness to a very dull rugby game.  Only one try was enough for the local team to overcome the strong Argentinian defence and win the game 14 – 9, last Saturday in Edinburgh. This marks the end of the Autumn series with 2 victories and 2 losses for the Scottish team.

It was a victory for the Scottish National Rugby Team on the last match of the year, and before the Six Nations in February 2019. The only try was converted by Sean Maitland at 65 minutes, which ended any Argentinian hopes of a victory. Then there were 3 more penalties that Scotland exchanged for 9 points, contributed by the boot of Greig Laidlaw.

Of the 7 penalties for the South American team, Nicolas Sanchez, the star of Los Pumas, scored 3 which were the final 9 points for Argentina. It was a bad day for the team, missing a total of 4 penalties, one of them by Emiliano Boffelli.

Not feeling confident, but still hopeful, the Scottish audience left the stadium wondering whether Argentina should have deserved to win, but it was Scotland who had made the most of their chances.

Chris, from Glasgow, said: “Argentina should have won it, they threw the game away by very poor kicking, but Scotland have the best kicker in the world.”

Matthew, from Livingston, said: “It was a boring game, not too much action. Argentina could have won the match, if they would have taken all their chances.”

After a break of 2 months, Scotland will have to face the Six Nations in February, a competition that most of the fans are waiting to win.

Chris added: “Scotland will win. It has to be, it is about time we win it.”

The next Scotland game will be on the 2nd of February at Murrayfield against Italy.