Space company plans to move business to Princes St

Skyrora hopes to launch the UK's first commercial space rocket.

By Lynn Rusk

Skyrora Limited, a UK space firm headquartered in Edinburgh, has signed a five-year lease to move its premises from St. Colme St to a much larger site on Princes St.

The firm is aligned with the UK Government and UK Space Agency’s plans to operate from a new spaceport in Scotland, and aims to provide responsive and dedicated UK-based launches.

The company plans to launch a rocket next year which will be the UK’s first commercial space launch.

Scotland is frequently praised for its influence within the European space sector, with Glasgow building more satellites than any other European city. More than 7000 jobs have been created through the space sector, which is worth around £130 million to the Scottish economy

In a statement City of Edinburgh council leader Adam McVey said: “It is fantastic for the capital to have a business like Skyrora opt to commit its headquarters here. As the only UK-headquartered launch provider competing to send rockets into orbit from a forthcoming UK spaceport, it is a truly exciting enterprise that will draw in lots of interest in the coming years.

This expansion will provide exciting opportunities for skilled graduates and apprentices in crucial science and tech subjects.