Local LGBT campaigners praise Rainbow Laces campaign

The Rainbow Laces campaign supporting LGBT+ rights in sports concludes this week.


By Lynn Rusk

Over half of Brits want to do more to tackle derogatory anti-LGBT language at sporting events but many lack the confidence to intervene, new research has found.

The LGBT charity Stonewall published the research ahead of this year’s rainbow laces campaign that will see sports teams across the country show their support for LGBT rights.

Homophobia in sports across the UK has become increasingly topical in the media since the homophobic attack on former Wales International rugby player Gareth Thomas.

The 44-year-old was attacked by a 16-year old boy at night in his hometown of Cardiff last month.

Rainbow Laces is a campaign promoting LGBT+ equality in sports – in particular football and rugby – where homophobia, biphobia and transphobia remain an underlying issue.

All around the UK, people are wearing rainbow-coloured shoelaces to show their support for LGBT+ people in sports.

Dozens of football and rugby stars across the Premier League and Rugby Premiership among other leagues have taken part in the campaign to improve views on homosexuality by wearing the laces themselves.

The campaign will run till the 7th December.

Hugh Torrance, Executive Director of LEAP an organisation which works for greater inclusion for LGBTI people in sport across Scotland and Lindsey Hamilton, the chairperson of Proud Huddle, Celtic’s LGBT fan share their views on the campaign.