Theresa May Calls Off Brexit Vote In Commons

The Chamber at the House of Commons.

By Lynn Rusk and Carly Bell

Theresa May has announced a delay to tomorrow’s crucial Brexit vote after it was made clear that her deal would not make it past a vote.

The Prime Minister announced her plans to delay the vote at 3:30 this afternoon, in front of a jeering audience of MPs who mocked her as she made her speech.

The Prime Minister warned again of the risk of a no-deal Brexit if the cabinet could not come to an agreement.

She said: “For as long as we fail to agree a deal, the risk of a no deal increases.”

Mrs May’s speech confirmed that she intends to seek further concessions from Brussels to try to win over rebellious backbenchers and opposition parties alike.  In the House of Commons this afternoon, the Prime Minister said: “I will hold emergency talks with EU leaders to discuss possible changes to backstop”.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn responded to the Prime Ministers statement in parliament: ‘The government has lost control of events and is in complete disarray, it’s been evident for weeks that the prime ministers deal did not have the support of the house, and yet she ploughed on regardless’.

Following rumours of this vote being delayed, the pound has fallen sharply, shedding 0.5% versus the US dollar to stand at $1.26, an 18-month low. The pound was 0.8% down against the euro as a result.

The statement will be followed by Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom, announcing changes to parliamentary business for the days ahead.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay will then make a statement to MPs on the Article 50 process.